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Our customers and partners

Our main partners are the industries (customers) that generate residues and wastes, academic institutions, producers of building materials and product specifiers (stakeholders: architects, designers, engineers). See below  some of our partners and customers. 

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Vitor Nunes


(31) 98816-9192

Paulo Borges


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Eduardo Dias

Project Manager

Sandro Almada

Project Manager




  • Use of residues and tailings in a new industrial process.

  • Production of materials with low environmental impact.

  • Reduction in the volume of wastes and tailings disposed of in landfills or dams.


  • Reduction of waste and tailings disposal costs.

  • Opening new businesses and markets for partners.


  • Potential gains for municipalities in reducing costs of infrastructure works.

  • Employment and income for surrounding communities.

JASMMIN works so that residues and wastes can be directly used or transformed into raw materials for the manufacture of sustainable construction materials.

By doing that, we promote the circular economy, involving various industrial sectors and the construction chain. 


In general, our projects  involve 4 phases:

KNOWLEDGE: Detailed study to identify the physical, chemical and mineralogical properties of residues and wastes, as well as environmental classification.


MVP IDENTIFICATION: Laboratory scale tests to identify application routes, prioritizing use in civil construction.   

MVP VALIDATION: Pilot test on an industrial scale to validate the application (product).

OPPORTUNITIES: Business plan to generate opportunities for the customer or commercialization of their residues or wastes.

Who are we

We were born at the Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG, Brazil), the result of a partnership between  researchers, CEFETMINAS Foundation (FCM) and professionals with extensive experience in  market. 


JASMMIN is the first Brazilian technology startup focused on the development of low environmental impact products, produced with the incorporation of residues and wastes into new construction materials.​

We work for  several industrial sectors, such as mining, metallurgy, civil construction and agro-industry, valuing their residues and wastes in the manufacture of alkali-activated materials, also called geopolymers, and products with low contents of Portland cement.

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